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Small Fishing Village in Iceland

Dalvík is a charming and very traditional fishing village situated on the Tröllaslagi peninsula in the municipality of Dalvíkurbyggd. The village is the largest in on the peninsula with around 1450 people, many work in fishing and fish processing.

The scenery around Dalvík is phenomenal, even for Iceland! The white church is one of the most picturesque and beautifully situated churches in Iceland. There are fabulous views to Hrísey, a little island in the middle of Eyjafjordur, the longest fjord in Iceland – Eyjafjörður means Island Fjord. Dalvik hiking trails will take you high up into the mountains and through deeply carved valleys. A hike to the ski lodge is steep but the views are unparalleled. Just follow the signs to Skiðasvæði, it means skiing area!

For such a small place Dalvik conjures up an amazing range of local events, cultural contributions and the amazing Great Fish Day (Fiskidagurinn Mikli), which happens early in August each year. The local fish industry provide free fish dishes for all, there is entertainment all day, a large stage is set up above the harbor and there is music long into the night. When it comes to music this small village is outstanding. It has produced no less than four Eurovision Song Contest entrants – quite a feat for such a small population.

There is an art gallery at Dalvík Library (Bókasafnið), and the Museum (Hvoll Byggðasafnið Dalvíkur) shows local history and culture. Facilities for visitors include cafe´s, restaurants, the Dalvik Beer Spa (Bjórböðin), and a swimming pool where you can relax in the hot tubs and, in winter, watch skiers gliding down the mountain. Böggvisstaðafjalli, is the Dalvík mountain where important Icelandic ski competitions have been held. A ferry offers trips to Grímsey, an island on the Arctic Circle.

Dalvík Iceland whale watching trips go from the harbor right in the center of the village. The fastest whale watching boats are used, giving an almost 100% success rate of sightings. Standard whale watching trips are also offered for those who prefer to enjoy life slowly!

Where is Dalvík located?

Dalvík is in North Iceland on the western bank of Eyjafjörður Fjord, 42.7 km from Akureyri, the second largest settlement in Iceland. From Reykjavík the distance is 404 km, if you are coming from Egilstaðir you will need to travel 307 km, for those arriving at Seyðisfjörður from the Norræna Ferry the distance is 333 km. Other interesting and charming villages in the area include Ólafsfjörður (17.9 km), Siglufjörður (34.3 km), and Árskógssandur (12.6 km)