Will Ferrell Heads to Iceland to Film His New Netflix Comedy 'Eurovision'

|October 15, 2019
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Europe’s favorite singing competition Eurovision might not hit T.V. screens till next year, but comedian Will Ferrell is already prepared.

Europe’s favorite singing competition Eurovision might not hit T.V. screens till next year, but comedian Will Ferrell is already prepared. The actor is set to star as an Icelandic singing contestant in a Netflix film he co-wrote.

The Eurovision Song Contest. Photograph by Andres Putting

Directed by David Dobkin, Ferrell will play Lars Erickssong and McAdams his partner Sigrit Ericksdottir. Yes, expect lots of parodies of Icelandic last names! Sure to be comedic gold, he has recruited both American and Icelandic stars for the project.

Comedian Will Ferrell has headed to Iceland to film his upcoming Netflix flick Eurovision

Comedian Will Ferrell has headed to Iceland to film his upcoming Netflix flick Eurovision

The Netflix comedy began filming in London but has headed to the North Iceland town of Húsavík. While on the island the Icelandic film production company True North will oversee the shoots.

Joined by Rachel McAdams the two play aspiring Icelandic musicians who get the chance to represent their country at the annual Eurovision song contest

Rachel McAdams. Photograph by SpreePiX Berlin

If you aren’t familiar with Eurovision, it is the longest-running annual international television contest. For the competition, each country submits an original song that is to be performed on live television and radio.

Don’t know what Eurovision is? Watch this video

What is EUROVISION? (Geography Now!)

To determine a winner each country must vote for the other countries’ songs. While most participants are European, at least 50 countries have been eligible to compete as of 2019.

Some people think the plot might play with the fact Iceland has never won the first place title but little has been revealed

The Eurovision Song Contest microphone. Photograph by Thomas Hanses

Since Iceland’s debut in 1986, the island has participated in 33 Eurovision competitions but has never won. However, we should note the country has come in second place twice: in 1999, with Selma’s “All Out of Luck” and in 2009 with Yohanna’s “Is It True?”

Eurovision 1999 - Iceland - Selma - All out of luck

Ferrell was introduced to the popular European T.V. event by his Swedish wife, actress Viveca Paulin

The Eurovision Song Contest. Photograph by Thomas-Hanses

Paulin not only watched the competition but was involved with Eurovision’s national selection competitions in Sweden. Converted into a fan, Ferrell attended the event in Portugal in 2018 to do research for the film. Co-star Rachel McAdams attended this year’s contest in Israel.

So how authentically Icelandic can we expect the comedy to be? Ferrell has recruited a number of actors from the island

Icelandic actors in the movie will include Ólafur Darri Ólafsson, Björn Hlynur Haraldsson, Nína Dögg Filippusdóttir, and Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson.

And some filming is taking place in the North Iceland town of Húsavík

Húsavík port

Nestled in a bay in Northern Iceland, Húsavík is a charming town known as the whale watching capital of the world. The oldest settlement in all of Iceland, tourists visit this rustic town to get away from the city.

Wooden houses of Húsavík, a small town in North of Iceland

Mayor Kristján Þór Magnússon of Húsavík welcomed the upcoming project and wrote an open letter to the town residents ahead of filming

Húsavík mayor Kristján Þór Magnússon. Photograph by Norðurþing

Magnússon said he felt the project could have a great effect on tourism. He encouraged residents to respect the cast and crew by not taking photographs or operating drones close to set.

“I hope that we can all enjoy this fun project for Húsavík, and help to make this a fantastic event in the history of the town. Let’s welcome those involved in the filming, protect their privacy, and hold a real Eurovision party this spring!”

Eurovision will be released on Netflix June 26, 2020, one month after the real song contest airs.

Rotterdam, Netherlands will host Eurovision 2020!

While we wait for the release of the upcoming comedy, check out our list of movies filmed in Iceland!


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