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The Best Museums Along the Ring Road in Iceland

A glance at a map of Reykjavík will show you the museums in the city, but there are equally many exciting museums waiting to be discovered around Iceland´s main artery, the Ring Road.

Some are very unusual, others are tiny, a few, especially considering their remote locations, are unexpectedly grand. Almost all reflect the colossal hard work and enthusiasm for life which are powerful characteristics of the Icelandic people. To get to many of them you will have to take a detour from the Ring Road but not, usually, so many kilometers. That extra distance will always reward you with fabulous scenery. Some are open all year and others just in the summer

We are all different in what we appreciate, so I have just taken a journey through my favorites traveling around the Ring Road in a southerly direction.


Photo: Skógar Museum – Skógasafn


What is your favorite museum in Iceland?


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