In the Footsteps of Jon Snow, a Game of Thrones Adventure in Iceland

|March 22, 2017
I am Jamie, a seventeen year old girl who lives in Belgium. I am studying tourism at PIVA, it is a school in Antwerp and I absolutely love it! So far, I’ve seen several cities in Europe. I love to do some sightseeing and visit places I have never been to before. My interests are traveling and taking photographs. Last week, I arrived in Iceland to do an internship supported by Erasmus. You have to know, Iceland has been my dream destination for such a long time! I was over the moon when I heard the news that I’d be living in Reykjavík for over a month! So now, I’m blogging about my experiences and I can’t wait to share them with you in the tag: Jamie Tackles!

After lunch, we went to the place to be, the houses from the GOT series. Our guide, who had participated as an extra, had to kill people in the series. He showed us the different ways to kill someone with a sword and a knife (not a real one of course!)

I went on the Game of Thrones tour (GOT) and it was absolutely fabulous! We were picked up at our accommodation and taken to the BSÍ bus terminal where our Game of Thrones bus was waiting. Our guide introduced himself on the way to the first stop.

Man dressed like Game of Thrones actor

Our guide had been a film extra in all of the GOT series, he even showed up dressed like a GOT actor. He shared his stories about the filming and everything in a funny and entertaining way. At each of the stops we made, he told us about the scenes which were filmed there and showed us some amazing photos. He gave us plenty of time to take photos, ask questions and look around. Our first stop was at a farm with a lot of Icelandic horses, two of them had actually participated in the GOT-series!
We even had the opportunity to feed them!

Icelandic horse

The next stop was at a waterfall which is well-known for a particular scene, this was simply breathtaking! As we were on our way to a service area for lunch, we stopped to see the Mid Atlantic Rift, this chasm between the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates was really dramatic. This is, of course, another location where a GOT scene took place.

GOT filming place

After lunch, we went to the real place to be – the actual houses which appeared in the GOT series! When our guide participated as an extra he had needed to kill a few people in the series. He showed us the different ways to kill someone with a sword or a knife, not a real one, of course! He also picked a volunteer from the audience so that he could show us how actors punch one another when they are enacting film scenes. No one got hurt, so have no worries about that!

Before we left the GOT houses our guide offered us the chance to have our photographs taken in front of one of these famous buildings. The deal – he would be stabbing you in the photo! I have no idea at all why I am laughing at this picture showing me being killed.

Game of Thrones famous building

Before we returned to Reykjavík we made a final but unplanned stop. It had nothing to do with Game of Thrones, but it was just a wonderful place to visit. There were two waterfalls crossing over one another – it was magnificent! It was a sunny day with a wind which felt quite cold but this was fine with me. We all appreciated having a really great guide who clearly loves his job! I would recommend this tour to anyone. It doesn’t matter if you are a fan or if, like me, you have never seen Game of Thrones, I can promise you it is absolutely worth it.

GOT waterfall

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