The Arctic family has been growing and expanding throughout the years. Currently, Arctic Adventures contains seven sub-branches – Viking Rafting. We have the possibility to offer all kind of combinations of two or more tours to make the best holiday for you. Let us help you make memories for life.

We have the flexibility to make everything possible! Arctic Adventures can take you for a 2 hour kayaking tour or a 8 day trip around Iceland and anything in between! With experts in every field, we can offer everything from whale watching to snowmobiling.

We have small expert companies for all of the aspects we offer, making certain you will always get guides who are absolutely the best in their field and through them, you can be certain to meet the most experienced glacier guide, hiking guide and diving guide, this level of expertise is quite often to be found in the same person! Guides long to work for Arctic Adventures because of the sheer variety we offer for everyone.

Everyone is passionate about what they do, they are all crazy about outdoor adventures in their own downtime. They live and breathe the activities they share with you!

The Arctic Family

The different branches of the Arctic Family tree each have their own personality and special areas of knowledge and experience. The high standards and values shared by everyone bind the branches securely to the trunk of our tree and create harmony. The personality of each branch contributes something different and important which is highly valued.