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Guides & Staff

We are proudly built on a foundation of professional, qualified, fun, and energetic staff, whose passion for the great outdoors and the fellow human being runs deep.

Our Team

The Arctic Adventures family consists of interesting people from all over. We all share the need of being professional, each in our own field, and everyone holds something unique that the rest of the family values highly. Some are passionate mountain climbers while others thrive on numbers and calculations. But all of us have at least one thing in common; love and respect for nature. That is really the glue that holds the Arctic team together.

We at Arctic Adventures like to think our standards in safety and service quality to be hard to match. All of our guides are certified in wilderness first aid and possess the relevant leadership and rescue qualifications. Our office staff is an enthusiastic bunch who strives to give their best every day – whether they are working in sales, marketing, finance, operations, HR or something else. We can also brag about a great team of mechanics in the garage, making sure that all our vehicles run smoothly every day.

Below you find more information about our different departments, and how to contact them!


The sales department is a team who knows all our tours by heart, for they have participated in all the tours or have led them as guides. The sales desk is open every day from 8 am – 9 pm for bookings and inquiries about our products. Feel free to contact us at info@adventures.is and our welcoming desk staff who will help you find the perfect adventure.

Trekking, Expeditions, and Special Interest Tours

Contact us to book hiking trips, biking tours, as well as multi-day adventures. If you are interested in booking a private hiking trip or a longer trip than normally offered, we can manage your request and are happy to accommodate your needs. Contact us at trekking@adventures.is.

Groups, VIP’s, and Custom-Made Adventures

This part of our company has been growing fast lately with increasing demands for custom made tours. Our group team can plan the perfect incentive tour for your company, including all kinds of games and activities. We have also been welcoming school groups for visits of various lengths and are happy to but together a tour for your class. Please contact us at groups@adventures.isschools@adventures.is or customtours@adventures.is.


Any questions regarding marketing, advertising, or public relations should be diverted to our marketing staff at marketing@adventures.is.


Through their global adventures, our finance department has gotten used to dealing with currency of all kinds. If you have questions about invoices or bookkeeping, contact finance@adventures.is, they will be happy to assist you.


All our guides have a qualification from Icelandic or international training institutions, you can read more about the requirements we make for our guides here. In addition, our guides are fun and interesting people who want to show you the best possible time on your tours!


It makes no different how skilled our guides are or how good the selling team is doing if operations do not run smoothly, there won’t be any tours to join. Operations find the right guide for each tour. They also make sure that all equipment is in the best possible condition and manage trip logistics and more. Some even say that operations are the heart of the company.

Human Resources

Human Resources is focused on hiring new employees and ensuring that current employees are happy and comfortable. If you are interested in joining our adventure team, please send your CV to jobs@adventures.is.

Business Development

We research potential new customers and markets for Arctic Adventures. If you are interested in doing business with us, please contact agent@adventures.is.